The World's First 100% Closed-Loop Domestic Recycling Appliance

The ReCircle mission: to transform how society reuses its used-materials.

On average, currently less than 50% of your recycling bin is actually being recycled. ReCircle aims to drastically increase this recycling rate towards 100% with our patented world's first 100% guaranteed closed-loop domestic recycling appliance.

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Recycling is not working

Our governments are failing us. After 20+ years and billions of yours and tax payers pounds or dollars spent, globally we're only managing a 2% recycling rate. Something has to be done.

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ReCircle Recycling: A Solution

By stopping contamination at its source, ReCircle's domestic recycling appliance is able to maximise the value of our used-materials - creating an incentivised closed-loop system.

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Help us build the prototype

Be part of a win-win-win for you, the economy and the earth.


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