Spoiler: Only 2% of the World’s Packaging is Closed-Loop Recycled

“We're using scarce resources once only.”

“After all the processing and manufacturing effort that goes into making something like plastic, it seems crazy not to reuse it if we can. I think we’ve just got to do this.”

Only 2% of packaging is recycled into material of the same quality. We interview author Hamish Pringle about this, and our Head of Technology Development, Phil Sanders, investigates how much of our recycling is actually recycled.


Closing the Loop: ReCircle meets Hamish Pringle

We spoke to author, artist and advertising thought leader Hamish Pringle about the future of the Circular Economy and what impact the ReCircle system would have on his life. 


Don’t Let Your Recycling Go to Waste

How much of what you collect in your recycling bin is actually recycled? Our Head of Technology Development, Phil Sanders, explores the performance of the current recycling system and suggests that, quite frankly, it isn’t good.


ReCircle is Idea of the Week on Idea Spies

ReCircle was honoured to feature as Idea of the Week on Idea Spies, a platform dedicated to showcasing innovative ideas from all over the world.

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