Redefining recycling for a new generation

“There is a company that has invented and patented a device which will change the landscape of the world, reshape the domestic practices of families around the world, and redefine the world’s understanding of waste management and recycling.”

Dr. Ian Davison, ReCircle investor

Redefining recycling for a new generation

ReCircle investor Dr. Ian Davison envisions the future with a closed-loop recycling system.


ReCircle is crowdfunding! Here's how it works.

ReCircle is raising funds to build a working prototype of the world’s first closed-loop recycling appliance. Capital at Risk.


The health benefits of recycling

“To me, the value is the improvement of the environment.”

Could recycling improve your health? ReCircle investor Jeff Hilliker tells us that improvement to the environment and associated health benefits are the primary concerns attached to recycling.


The west's new recycling challenge

“China’s refusal to become the West’s dumping ground is forcing the world to rethink it’s $200 billion recycling industry.”

In this video from FT Rethink, journalist Leslie Hook explains the western world’s dire recycling situation.

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