Recycling shouldn’t be more complicated than Westworld

“Recycling shouldn’t be more complicated than following the storyline of Westworld.”

Comedian Jim Jefferies has hit out at the recycling industry in the US, where thousands of recycling plants are paying to dispose of recycling.

At the same time in the UK, a 2018 government study found that only 12% of the Greater Manchester population “did not contaminate at all in their mixed recycling bin.”

Recycling doesn’t have to be this complicated. Instead of being a joke on late night TV, recycling should be a booming industry that does justice to the value of our reusable materials.

How much is your plastic recycling worth?

ReCircle’s Daniel Milne looks at our different options for recycling plastics and what we get in return.

“America Has a Recycling Problem”

Comedian and late night TV host Jim Jefferies takes the US recycling industry to task.

What will our actions mean for our grandkids? 

We visited avid recycler Jill Chapman in East Riding of Yorkshire and asked why she cares about reducing our environmental impact for future generations.

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