Recycling Needs to Change – We Have an Answer

Recycling: A Broken System

With only 14% of plastic being recycled, at a loss of between US$80 and US$120 billion per year, our planet is in dire need of a solution.

It's time to realise the value of our used-materials and change the way we recycle.


What is ReCircle?

A ReCircle is a household recycling appliance that empowers you to closed-loop recycle plastics, glass and metal. This short video explains the system.

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Why We Must Treasure Our Trash

Many of us see the mounting piles of plastic bottles, cans, glass and other containers in our recycling bins as trash – but it's much more.

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The ReCircle System Explained

Unlike your current curb-side recycling bin, which jumbles all your recycling together, the ReCircle produces recycled products of a far higher quality than its industrial cousins – the key to a circular economy.

Our Head of Technology Development, Phil Sanders, explains some of ReCircle's technical aspects and how it compares with existing recycling systems.

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