Recycling Meets Art: ReCircle & Mella Shaw

Mella Shaw: A ReCircle Collaboration

We are delighted to announce that British artist Mella Shaw is combining forces with us to promote the ReCircle message.

Mella, whose stunning installation, HARVEST, was featured at the Collect Open, Saatchi Gallery, 2018, London, and is currently on a nationwide tour, is passionate about the threat to our oceans from plastic.


The installation features hundreds of exquisitely detailed clay (press-moulded, slip-cast and smoke-fired) “plastic” bottles, containers and leaping fish, depicting the appalling toll discarded plastics are taking on our marine-life.

Mella Shaw HARVEST ceramic fish mounted on wall.jpg

Having learned that by 2050 “there will be greater weight of plastic in the oceans than fish” (Ellen MacArthur Foundation, 2016) Mella created HARVEST which was featured at the recent Hampstead Affordable Art Fair, London to draw attention to the plight of our sea-life.

Mella Shaw_HARVEST_2018 image 6©Sophie Mutevelian.jpg

Visit our website to see Mella's full article and interview, and read more about her involvement with ReCircle.

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