Capturing the true value of recycling

According to the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change we have about 12 years left to change the way we live.

In this newsletter Swansea University’s Jess Hughes explains why the time to act is now, and ReCircle co-founder Aldous Hicks sets out how ReCircle will deliver the maximum possible value back to plastic, glass and metal recycled materials.


Swansea University and ReCircle: Closing the Loop

Swansea University Business Engagement Officer, Jess Hughes, explains why the university is collaborating with ReCircle to develop a closed-loop recycling appliance.

ReCircle and Swansea University plan to co-operate on the development of near-infra-red (NIR) material sensors for the ReCircle appliance.


Capturing the true value of recycling: Introducing ReProduct®

A financially viable and self-sustaining recycling system requires us to safeguard the purity of used plastics, glass and metals.

Co-founder Aldous Hicks introduces ReProduct® – the family of ReCircle closed-loop recycling products. 

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