91% of Plastic Isn’t Recycled – Here’s What We Can Do About It

Astonishingly, 91% of plastic is not recycled.

Apart from causing incredible damage, there’s a huge loss of value when discarded materials end up in landfill or in our environment.

Responding to these challenges requires the reevaluation of our approach to recycling and the pursuit of impactful innovations if we are to realise solutions in our lifetime.

WeWork Innovation Awards

We recently entered WeWork’s Creator Awards, a funding platform that recognises forward-thinking businesses and entrepreneurs.

See our video entry featuring ReCircle co-founder Alison Richardson.

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The Circular Economy's Missing Piece: ReCircle Recycling

Through recovery and re-use of product materials and packaging, the Circular Economy retains value that is otherwise lost and avoids unnecessary extraction of scarce natural resources.

Read how ReCircle’s closed-loop recycling system will help capture the full potential of our used materials.


It’s exciting to be an Early Adopter

Guest contributor Hamish Pringle shares his experience embracing technological innovations, and comments on the satisfaction to be gained from backing new ideas that work.

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