Children’s tales reveal worries about plastic

Plastic has been named children’s word of the year following an analysis of the language they used when writing stories.

An annual study of thousands of short stories submitted to the 2018 BBC Radio 2 competition found the use of “plastic” had doubled in a year as children wrote about the threat to the planet of discarded bottles, bags and containers.

Plastics 101 - with National Geographic's new global commitment "Planet or Plastic?"

Planet or Plastic? Takes a comprehensive approach to tackling major environmental crisis, encompassing storytelling, consumer education & engagement, scientific research and innovative partnerships

The June issue of National Geographic Magazine looks in depth at how single-use plastic impacts our planet.

National Geographic asks people to take simple steps to reduce single-use plastic; hosts 3-Day takeover on social channels featuring Zooey Deschanel.

Company denies 'waste laundering' allegation

Mark Solomons

Cleanaway, Australia's biggest waste business, has revealed it classifies the thousands of tonnes of material arriving at its New Chum landfill in Ipswich from the company's recycling plant in south Brisbane as local waste, even though the bulk of it originates interstate, prompting accusations it is "laundering" waste to hide its origin. (February 28, 2018)

Investigation: Coca Cola and the ‘fight back’ against plans to tackle plastic waste.

Coca Cola has been lobbying against plans for a new bottle collection scheme in Scotland designed to reduce plastic waste, according to an Unearthed investigation.

A leaked internal document from the firm reveals the company prioritised a “fight back” against EU moves to introduce deposit return schemes (DRS).

Plastic Waste Now Polluting Arctic Ocean, Scientists Find

Plastic waste in the ocean is now so widespread it is polluting remote ice floes in the Arctic, scientists have discovered.

A team from Exeter University discovered blocks of polystyrene in areas hundreds of miles from land which until recently were covered by ice all year round.