'It’s time to transform recycling': Nine in 10 Australians want governments to act on crisis

The sudden realisation our conscientious separation of recyclable paper and plastics from our rubbish will not be enough to fend off a garbage crisis has Sydneysiders demanding governments step in and reform an industry hit hard by a new Chinese embargo on waste imports.

Company denies 'waste laundering' allegation

Mark Solomons

Cleanaway, Australia's biggest waste business, has revealed it classifies the thousands of tonnes of material arriving at its New Chum landfill in Ipswich from the company's recycling plant in south Brisbane as local waste, even though the bulk of it originates interstate, prompting accusations it is "laundering" waste to hide its origin. (February 28, 2018)

China's ban on foreign waste leaves Australian recycling industry eyeing opportunities

The world's most populous country has been the largest importer of recyclable materials, taking in more than 30 million metric tonnes of waste from all over the world, including from the US, EU, Japan, and Australia.

But in July, China — also the world's biggest manufacturer — decided it would no longer take what it called foreign garbage.