The health benefits of recycling: ReCircle meets Jeff Hilliker

Jeff Hilliker is a Los Angeles based lawyer living in San Pedro. Jeff is a ReCircle investor and shareholder who shares our passionate belief that we need to make the most of our used plastics, glass and other recyclable materials. 

In this interview, Jeff tells us that improvement to the environment and associated health benefits are the primary concerns attached to recycling and reuse. 

According to research from Circle Economy just 9% of the 92.8 billion tonnes of minerals, fossil fuels, metals and biomass that enter the economy are re-used annually. As Jeff says, it benefits us all to see the value of these materials captured instead of wasted.

ReCircle’s closed-loop system will ensure that recycling is not contaminated. Purity of materials is essential in order for used plastics, metals and glass to be remanufactured into products of equal quality. 

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Interview transcript:

Why do you think the ReCircle appliance is a great investment?

It will reduce your health bills on down the line. It will certainly do that for your children. That's a primary concern, I think for most people, is to make sure that their kids are well taken care of. I think that's what this is all about.

Do you have a lot of products in your day to day life that you could recycle?

I go to the local deli and I buy sandwiches and things like that. They come in packages. You know – styrofoam, plastic, all that stuff. So I would have occasion.

Would you want to be one of the early adopters of a ReCircle unit?

I'm more concerned about the environment than return of value. To me it's not something that you have to evaluate or analyse in the context of return on value – because to me the value is the improvement of the environment. I know that's a pretty intangible concept, but it benefits us all. Whether it's dollars going into my pocket – which it's not – but it is down the line in terms of health benefits. I think there's there's serious health benefits that attach to recycling.

As a shareholder of the business would you take part in the crowdfunding plan for 2019?

Of course. I just just bought an iPhone that cost me the exact same amount, about $750, without thinking because it's something that I utilise, it benefits my business, it's convenient, it's the future. I view this as something along the same lines and I’m happy to do it. $700 is not a major out-of-pocket investment for me, so I’m happy to do that.