ReCircle is crowdfunding! Here's how it works.

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ReCircle Recycling is raising funds to build a working prototype of the world’s first closed-loop recycling appliance.

Our patented system makes use of existing sensor and grinding technologies to ensure that 100% of the materials you load into our appliance are closed-loop recycled (ie. bottle-to-bottle recycling).

The ReCircle appliance produces high quality recycled products (called ReProduct®) that manufacturers and brands can use in their packaging.

The Crowdcube campaign

ReCircle’s equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube will launch in April 2019. Our team has spent years planning and pre-designing the appliance prototype. We’ve patented the appliance design and technology, and we have sourced the expertise required to deliver the world’s first closed-loop recycling appliance.


We are excited to open the ReCircle investment opportunity to our supporters, collaborators and the wider community. Two early stage investors have committed to lead this crowdfunding round with substantial investments.

Crowdcube’s equity crowdfunding model also allows us to offer our investment opportunity to the wider public so that anyone can invest in the future of recycling starting at £10. As an ‘Everyday Investor’ you can take part and help us build an appliance that will reduce plastic pollution, empower households to play an active role in the circular economy and end the current recycling crisis.

The ReCircle prototype

Your council closed-loop recycles just 6% of the plastic in your recycling bin. The next step on our journey is to build a prototype of our domestic recycling appliance that will closed-loop recycle 100% of the plastic, glass and metal materials that you load into the machine.

We have everything in place to begin the prototype development. The prototype will validate our patented designs and produce samples of our ReProduct® materials confirming their purity and quality levels 


Commercialisation of ReCircle for mass-manufacturing will begin following the delivery of the prototype . The commercialisation stage includes a pilot program, installing 100 ReCircle appliances in homes in a trial suburb. This will allow us to thoroughly test the ReCircle appliance operation, confirm the user-friendly interface and road-trial the ReProduct® materials logistic home-pickup system. 

Equity crowdfunding and Crowdcube 

For nearly a decade the equity crowdfunding model has been enabling early-stage companies to raise funds. The model gives leverage to small investors by allowing a large number of people to invest small amounts in an unlisted company in exchange for shares in that company. A shareholder has partial ownership of the company and stands to profit should the company do well. 

In 2018, US$5.25 bn was invested via crowdfunding platforms worldwide. In 2019, investment is expected to grow to US$6.84 bn. Founded in 2011, Crowdcube was the world’s top performing equity crowdfunding platform in 2018 and has helped a number of transformative clean technology companies reach their funding goals. 

The key feature we looked for in our crowdfunding partner was that they were on the same page with our closed-loop recycling and circular economy deliver plans. In addition to this, Crowdcube have an excellent track record over many years assisting small companies like ours to raise funds successfully with the crowd. 

Crowdcube came highly recommended by professionals within the early-stage investor community and uses leading third-party providers such Creditsafe, Experian and Onfido to review the company, its legal structure and its directors. Crowdcube provide an experienced due diligence process resulting from their experience with over 820 successful crowdfunding raises to date. 

What’s next - what can you expect?

ReCircle is now in the process of completing the Crowdcube due diligence and review process. When our supporting evidence is to Crowdcube’s satisfaction we will finalise our campaign page and the campaign will become live.

Once we reach a funding commitment level that we have agreed with Crowdcube, they will arrange for the payment of all commitments made by investors and issue the required shares to our new shareholders. Once the shares are issued, shareholders’ funds are released to ReCircle Recycling Ltd. The prototype development plan is commenced immediately. 

For each investment of £10 or greater you will become a shareholder in ReCircle Recycling Ltd. Similar to other crowdfunding platforms, businesses raising funds through Crowdcube can offer rewards (such as early access to a new product or service) as further incentive to investors. All ReCircle shareholders will receive a quarterly newsletter with company updates and you will be invited to invest in future rounds as we scale and grow the business. 

The UK government has implemented the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) and the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS). These schemes offer financial benefits to shareholders including tax deductions which offset some of the risk involved with investing in an early stage company. ReCircle Recycling Ltd has received pre-assurance from the UK HMRC for both the SEIS and EIS schemes. Crowdfunding supported by SEIS/EIS benefits is one of the reasons the UK has such an active and growing crowdfunding industry.

Why ReCircle embraced crowdfunding

Achieving our funding goal means we will start work immediately on our prototype development – one step closer to householders having a ReCircle in their home.

Diagram of ReCircle’s circular economy model.

Diagram of ReCircle’s circular economy model.

Creating a circular economy requires the work of thousands of individuals, communities and private and public organisations. ReCircle’s upcoming crowdfunding campaign provides an opportunity to reach out to our supporters, collaborators and the general public.

In preparation for crowdfunding we have further articulated ReCircle’s vision and mission and raised awareness around the importance of transitioning toward a circular economy. We’re excited to connect with those who share this vision and will help us realise it.

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