Most plastic pots, tubs and trays “secretly being incinerated” - The Times

In an article published this week titled Thousands of tonnes of plastic recycling are secretly burnt for fuel, The Times’ environmental editor Ben Webster tells us that millions of plastic containers collected for recycling from homes in the UK are “secretly being incinerated”.

“The plastic is collected from homes but rather than being turned into new products it is sent to “energy from waste” plants that burn it to generate electricity.”

How has it got to the situation in the Western world in the 21st century that incineration and landfill are the only solutions to handle our used plastic, and both are dangerous to human health and the planet’s climate? We must make a decisive shift toward sustainable circular-economy systems.

The ReCircle system is one solution: ensuring genuine, closed-loop recycling. This must be in tandem with effective regulation and meaningful reductions. Tackling society’s recycling woes will require a multifaceted approach, but one thing is abundantly clear: the time for action is now.

Read more about ReCircle’s closed-loop system in these two blog entries written by our Engineering & Technical Lead, Phil Sanders -

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