Ease of recycling: Lola and Arthur in London

Lola and Arthur are advertising strategists from London who are looking ways to reduce their environmental impact. They are enthusiastic followers of the zero waste lifestyle movement, and they’ve gone well out of their way to learn about recycling.

For Lola and Arthur, their favourite part of the ReCircle system is that their used materials will be closed-loop recycled. ReCircle takes the confusion of knowing what to recycle. It’s easy and they don’t have to worry about it.

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Interview transcript:

What for me what’s important, I'm sure it's the same for – It’s for the planet.  Because if we don’t do it, we'll get in trouble. so yeah it's a case of trying to do a little bit more.

We try to get the things that are as much recyclable as possible. Mostly it’s just for the planet And just realising that we have the smallest impact as possible, basically.

We tried to do a zero waste challenge for a week, because we had all this stuff at home and all this plastic and started to be sick about it. So since we did that, Lola unrolled me, now I’ve really embraced it. 

I understand you made your own toothpaste, is that correct? How long have you been doing that for? 

It's pretty new. It started also with the fact that I turned vegan about three years ago, which is also part of the process. My main concern was animal welfare obviously, but then the second major thing was the fact that it's a big environmental issue.

We’ve been to a Veolia recycling plant a year ago for an open day. It's crazy. You realise how much. I had a little bit of a nervous breakdown afterwards – everything is packaged! 

Governments and manufacturers and companies also need to jump on that wagon and produce products and services that are designed to be circulating in a healthy way.

It’s brilliant. It’s really cool. And it looks great. Christmas present! It’s something that we would be considering, at least. Definitely. You would have to have space. We’ve got there. It would be great there. We’ve got our two bins there.

There's the money question. You would really want to know how much that costs. And if it's not something that you would be able to buy yourself, would you be able to gather with friends or neighbours that you buy in common? We live in a very nice residence where there’s probably a couple of hundred flats. I mean having a couple of those would not be a massive – I don't know how much it costs, but if it was a substantial amount of money having three or four would not be massive investment for a community. I think we would be able to potentially convince half the flats there. Sure, easy. But then we have the others. They just drop on the floor.

So yeah, Recycling everything for me. That, and it looks pretty. That wouldn't be something you would be ashamed to put in your living room, in your flat or even in your common areas. Put a plant on it and boom!

Ease of recycling. We put this little thing to explain what we can put into that bin. People don't really know, and sometimes we even don't know. Lola turns to me, it’s like “do it put this in there?” I’m like – “Sometimes yes, sometimes no.” So just remove the – there's no anxiety – but remove the pain of knowing what to recycle. That's basically it. So you just put it there. It would be great if the machine say *beep* that's not good, and therefore you just put it in another one. But if it says “okay, it's done” – Cool, great, I don’t have to think about it. That would be the number one thing Because no one knows. You can ask everyone here, they don't know. It's proper guidance, it's peace of mind.

So, yeah. Peace of mind, guidance, and having this also quite pretty and interesting looking appliance that is doing the job for you.

So everything goes through the loop and it's all great. So therefore, I know I don't have to make an effort – but at the same time I feel good about myself. And it's a status thing at the end because it looks great into my flat and my friends come in and say “oh, what is that thing?” I’m going to tell you a story about this.