Dame Ellen MacArthur: The shift from linear to circular

“Today we take a material out of the ground, we make something out of it, and then in the majority of cases that product gets thrown away in the end of its useful life.

When you take it to a circular economy, from the outset you design the system so it works differently. You design a product – the product cycles so that it sits within the system for as long as possible. 

The materials within it stay at their highest value for as long as possible. You design out waste and pollution, because why would you ever create waste? And you also regenerate natural systems.” 

In this video, the incredible Ellen MacArthur explains the difference between a linear system and the circular economy.

MacArthur is a legendary round-the-world solo circumnavigator who, now retired from competitive sailing, has dedicated her life to promoting a circular economy and sustainable systems.

ReCircle’s closed-loop recycling system aims to ‘close the loop’ and help facilitate the transition toward a truly circular economy. As MacArthur here notes, rather than having dead-end products, we need to reconceptualise recycling to ensure our used-materials can stay at their highest value.

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