Closing the Loop: ReCircle meets Massimo Bergamin

Massimo Bergamin is Company Director at The Haberdashery cafe in Stoke Newington, London. Massimo explains how his business recycles, and he tells us what The Haberdashery is doing to reduce their impact on the environment.

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Interview transcript:

My name is Massimo, I’m, the the company director of The Haberdashery in Stoke Newington. Environmentally at The Haberdashery we have very low energy bulbs. They’re the lowest energy I could find on the market. They don't really create a lot of light, but apparently they’re good for the environment. 

We use biodegradable takeaway cups and biodegradable takeaway lids, we use recycled paper napkins and we use bamboo takeaway coffee cups. People can buy bamboo cups and every time they buy a bamboo cup then they have 20p off. This is to encourage people to have less waste. 

I recycled in my private life at home and I recycle as a business as well. As a business we recycled cardboard, we recycle plastic, we recycle glass, we recycle paper, we recycle coffee grounds. Overall it's quite a big quantity I would say. 

I recycle because I feel that I have a moral duty to recycle. I think it's incredibly important to recycle – for me, for us, for you, for your friends, for my family, for the world, for the future generations, for the fish in the sea, for everyone. 

Why do you think that is important? Well because we generate so much waste. Waste of course creates pollution. Needless to say, plastic creates pollution. So by recycling it I hope that I kind of pollute less. 

I do have an idea how much we pay for our recycling. Our recycling comes from the same waste collection company, so it’s a bulk price rather than only the price for recycling. So I know the bulk price which is around £450, £490 per month. But it is a bulk price with the general waste. 

I could potentially be thinking of investing into a machine like the one you described. It sounds like a good project. Show us one. Let’s see how it works.