You’re Rubbish at Recycling!

We all are. But it’s not your fault. The fact that the majority of what goes into your recycling bin ends up in landfill is out of your hands. Up until now you have had no alternative than to trust the system that is letting us all down. But it doesn't have to be that way. 

At ReCircle Recycling Ltd (RRL) we want to empower you to take control of processing your food, beverage and other used household containers, guaranteeing they can be 100% close-loop recycled. 

Just like your dishwasher empowers you to reuse your dirty plates and your washing machine to reuse your worn clothes, with a ReCircle recycling appliance, you will be able to ensure your used-materials are truly recycled - that your plastic bottles come back as plastic bottles, glass bottles come back as glass bottles and not as lower grade products or road base or worse, end up in landfill. After all you don’t throw out your underpants each night because you know they are valuable, so why create waste with your valuable used-materials?

A ReCircle domestic recycling appliance will allow you to unleash the value inherent in your used-materials ensuring that 100% of what you place in the machine is closed-loop recycled so maximising the life of the products we use on a daily basis.

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Our vision is that, in the next 20 years, there will be a ReCircle domestic recycling appliance in every house on the planet in the same way that in the western world 99% of homes have a washing machine and a fridge. When that is achieved every individual will be able to play an important and valuable part in actively delivering and benefiting from a truly circular economy.

We don’t want you to change your behaviour or make you work harder. In fact when you have a ReCircle appliance looking after your use-materials your work will be so much easier, quicker and less onerous than what you are doing now. You will simply load your ReCircle machine just the way you would load your dishwasher, or washing machine, in your home. Just like those machines you will add detergent press the start button and the cycle will run. And, unlike your dishwasher and washing machine that must be emptied every time they are used, you will only empty the ReCircle a few times a year!

The ReCircle will deliver 100% closed-loop recycled products because it does what your current recycling systems fail to do – it keeps individual used-materials separate and therefore maintains the value to such an extent that recycling becomes a truly economically viable exercise.  Using smart accurate material sensors your ReCircle guarantees maximum purity of your used-materials from the moment you load them into your appliance. After ReCircle’s processing is finished, the products are at their highest possible $ value ready to be delivered direct from your home appliance to the manufacturing plants so they can be made back into their original form.

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The current recycling system forces you to turn your valuable used-materials into waste by putting them in a bin together. The minute you leave a top or tamper ring on a plastic bottle, or you mix different coloured glass together the recycle value is dramatically reduced because, despite fantastic modern technology, it is extremely difficult and prohibitively expensive to separate out materials into the close-to 100% purity needed to guarantee closed-loop recycling.

The ReCircle system is based on two fundamental concepts:

1. Putting two different used materials together destroys the inherent value of the individual pure materials and you generate waste. The ReCircle system empowers you to deliver high purity products approaching 100% purity by sensor guaranteeing that you can’t put different used-materials together. 

2. Purity delivers value – just like pure gold or four nines (99.99%) copper sold on the London Metals Exchange, pure PET, HDPE or clear glass is worth infinitely more to manufacturers than when it is mixed or contaminated.

By keeping used-materials separate and pure the ReCircle appliance can process products to such a high standard that the ReCircle process not only pays for a free home-pick up service it is also financially viable and self-sustaining.

ReCircles are currently at the prototype stage and it will be three years before you will be able to own and operate one of the ground breaking machines. During the next months, members of our ReCircle Team and guest bloggers will explain to you through blogs uploaded onto our website, how the unit operates in detail and how the valuable close-loop product pick-up system will work.

Additionally, there will be interesting blogs which explain for example, why the current recycling system will never ever work. We will provide answers to many of the questions you will have and others that you may not have thought of. We will do our best to provide you with appliance purchase costs estimates, despite the first sales being some years away. We will always welcome your questions especially if they are ones we have not been asked before. We will explain why and how the ReCircle concept will be applied to site-specific ReCircles for hospitals, factories, building sites, restaurants, bars and eventually to public places like entertainment venues and parks.

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We look forward to revealing more about how the ReCircle system works and how you can be part of this exciting revolution where instead of the current rubbish recycling systems we are forced to use we can select an alternate close-loop recycling system which guarantees 100% of what you put in your machine will be close-loop recycled. 

Together we can close-the-loop and ReCircle.

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