ReCircle’s appliance for home or business will transform the way societies value materials by offering the world’s first 100% closed-loop recycling solution.

The ReCircle will sort, wash, and grind recycling into pure materials before selling it to manufacturers to turn back into its original product. ReCircle's sensors ensure that plastics, metals, etc. are kept separate before they’re washed, ground and compacted into pure recycled materials. We’ll then empty the containers, reimbursing the owner for the weight of materials gathered.


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Where our governments are failing us. After 20+ years and billions upon billions of tax dollars spent, globally we're only managing a 2% recycling rate. Something has to be done.

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Our solution. By stopping contamination at its source, ReCircle's domestic appliance is able to maximise the value of our used-materials - creating an incentivised closed-loop system.

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ReCircle & The Circular Economy.


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Invest in a win-win for the earth and the economy.


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